A person who is heavily addicted to pharmaceutical drugs and will stop at nothing to obtain them.
Yeah my ex is a total pharmy so let's just say it didn't exactly end well.
by Ranchgirls December 29, 2021
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A pejorative term. The feeling and/or sensation of a mind/body altering drug that when taken and effects become noticeable, particularly pharmaceutical drugs, rather than wanton and desired sensations (i.e. Euphoria, Elevated Mood, Pain Abatement, Overall Positive Vibe, etc) upfront and foremost substance feels unnatural, a disturbing sensation that is 'complex', heavy, something expected from neuro or blood pressure drugs, something akin to wearing the wrong sized shoes or a jacket on a hot day. A substance that when imbibed relentlessly lets you know it is a pharmaceutical. A complaint associated with the likes of Lithium, Seroquil, and Promethazine. Can also be used in a non-pharm sense such as in toking schwag with plentiful stems & beans versus an OG, Northern Ligjts, or Panama Red. Crawling skin, vertigo, lethegy, slow-mindedness are some additional symptoms. Akin to the experience of having a refined palate for beer, typically choosing Sierra Nevada, Bass, or Red Hook, when you have that unscratchable itch for a cold one and someone serves you a Keystone or Natural Light--sourced from Utah no doubt where beer is a mnadatory 3.2%. You drink it, but not out of disgust or revulsion the body/mind simply does not want it or can enjoy it; you feel a quesy, off-putting, a not-quite-right sensation entirely--it knows. Almost a mild form of poisoning. Can be associated when purchasing bunk or forged drugs like Fentanyl or Methadone in a supposed 15 or 30 mg oxycodone.
"After trying both Buprenorphine and Suboxone, the latter gave me this very present unneasy feelng, a sense that made my entire body know I had defintiely taken a pharmaceutical. My body and mind know and cannot unfocus from the feeling that I ingested a really pharmy drug. Ex. 2 After months of face-melting ganja flowers, all I could find was a schwag bag from some high school cat my cousin knows. One bowl in and my entire felt pharmy--probably god knows what chemicals were used to grow that corn field dirt. Ex 3 I bought some babe the blue ox off that sketchy dude and once I got home and railed one, it was obvious the pill was bunk, a counterfeit--my body could feel that pharmy sensation never associated with pure OC."
by sawtelle81 March 21, 2019
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slang term used for pharmacudicals.
by phed December 24, 2002
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a Dan and Phil fan (phan) + BTS fan (army).
"Yeah, I like BTS and Dan and Phil. I wish there was a word for that."
"Don't you mean pharmy?"
by amouru July 7, 2019
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One who abuses pharmaceutical drugs on a regular basis.
That bitch always looks out of it, she must be a pharmy.

Man, he be sellin' Oxycottons, Valium, all kinds of shit. He is a complete pharmy.
by The Whizz April 22, 2007
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Someone who uses or abuses pharmaceutical drugs for a good time.
"He was stressed out so she gave him some valium"
"I can imagine... she's such a pharmie"
by mgonzal September 14, 2005
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