A word used in Bio class when one has the urge to call another Gay. It is an ideal word because the teacher thinks you're speaking bio when really you're speaking offensiveness.

One who is very phagocyte can also be called Phagocycotic.
lenny, you are the biggest freaking phagocyte I've ever seen.
by joshmm November 28, 2007
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An object absorbing another object into oblivion. Derived from the biological process

1. Chris's desk is such a mess it almost phagocytized my football.

2. If you're not careful Satana will Phagocytize your soul.
by TheDude666 March 25, 2012
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The act of acting like a fag. When someone is annoying or mean they are a phofocyte. it is less than a fag.
by cnnrmcneely December 06, 2009
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