Hey Ed! You seen that there you tube on the pewter? It's like, ma whole family is on there!
by Akedos October 16, 2008
Metal alloy used in cheap school trophies that look good when presented to you, but bad when you realise how little money was actually spent.
"Man... my fab Dux trophy is made of pewter. Scaffy school."
by Stephanie July 4, 2004
An alloy normally consisting of at least 90 per cent tin, that has been combined with various other metals such as copper, bismuth, antimony and lead, to create a durable material for the manufacture of fine domestic castware. Also used for generally rather meritless trophies, spunware and game peices.
All currently made English cast pewter tableware is lead free and is safe for food and drink. This may not be true for all pewter made around the world and its use, if of uncertain origon, should be avoided. Beware of apparently English brand names that are really made elsewhere and always take the trouble to ASK where an item has come from. Lead and aluminium are KILLERS!
by Simon Lucas February 23, 2006
Term of affection used to refer to Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. Refers to the unique pewter color of their helmets and uniform trim, which most people consider to be a huge improvement over their prior attire.
"Pewter Nation was never higher than they were after they won the 2002 Super Bowl."
"It's been a tough few years for the Buccaneers, but Pewter Nation still comes out to Raymond James Stadium in force."
"I used to be a big time fan of Pewter Nation, but after a while the losing and the mismanagement put me off."
by Honk4Gronk December 4, 2013
Another one of the countless names for masturbating. Derived from the movie "Almost Heroes" staring Chris Farley (RIP), in which him Matthew Perry portary Lewis and Clark. However, one should note that in the movie the phrase is not used to describe masturbation, but the various acts of sex. Over time the phrase has changed meaning.
10 bucks says he Polishes The Pewter thinking of that night those chicks picked HIM up.
by Cambone August 23, 2005
Mentioned often in "Aqueronte" a pewter spoon is a large overwhelming penis.
She fainted when she saw his pewter spoon
by therealwildabeast October 21, 2011
Possessing an anus that craves penetration. Having such an spectacular ass that it bypasses your flaws ,ugliness as well as attitude. An ass, Brazilian in shape notorious for anal.
Who cares if shes ugly ,id marinate my pork in her pewter buckett alll day.
by Fusotrue February 7, 2018