Hilarious actor who's best known for his role as Chandler in the Sitcom Friends, but has also starred in films alongside Bruce Willis, Salma Hayek, Liz Hurley, River Phoenix, Chris Farley, Neve Campbell... the list goes on.
Who's the funny one in Friends? Oh yeah, Matthew Perry.
by Warwick University February 2, 2005
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A comedic genius. Mostly known for his role as Chandler Bing in the American television sitcom "Friends", but also starred in other things like Fools Rush In, Charles in Charge, The Ron Clark Story.
Perry suffered from a drug addiction during the Friends era, and had many weight fluctuations. He managed to pull through it and beat his addiction, and now to this day, he stars as Oscar Madison in the remake of the '70s sitcom "The Odd Couple."
Damn, Matthew Perry is fine asf.
by TheRelaxiTaxi October 24, 2015
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The guy on Friends who had extremely violent weight fluctuations. He was pretty funny though.
Wasn't Chandler skinny in the previous episode? What happened!?
by god March 26, 2005
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A strong, sexy, intelligent guy who loves everyone but if you get on his. Bad side he would kick your ass with no remorse and Shaw Matthew Perrys like to play music but Shawn Matthew perrys favorite instrument is the trumpet
by Shawn Matthew Perry April 25, 2017
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