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pl Scaffies
A Refuse Collector.
In Scotland (esp Fife and Lothians); a roadsweeper or a person who would push a two-dustbin barrow and use a broom and shovel to clear rubbish and shite off the thoroughfares.

Scaffies also used to rule their patch with a firm hands on misbehaving youths. Now the Community Police have assumed full responsibility for what was the scaffy's unofficial job - kicking litter louts' arses.
Some years ago, before modern titles like ‘hygiene consultants or pathway technicians’ for street cleaners, the cleanliness of Scotland's streets was in the very capable hands of ‘scaffies’ – the country's formidable road sweepers."

"Jist chuck it doon there, pal. The scaffy'll get it in the mornin'"

"The scaffy will kick yer erse if he sees ya droapping' that. Gonnae better pit it in the bin"

by Piemanius August 18, 2008
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Something that's unpleasant to look at; ugly.
(From the movie Brave) Merida: "That scaffy witch gave me a gammy spell!"
by cg1212 December 24, 2012
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Something which is unpleasant to look at or which is falling apart.
1) That jumper is getting a bit scaffy, better not ear it for a job interview.

2) Your bathroom is right scaffy by the way, better clean it soon.
by minichessemouse March 22, 2010
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When something appears to have been created or given detail to in a tightwad manner. Scrimping or being stingy. Something very poor in amount or lack of detail.
Orphan Boy: "Please Sir, please may I have some supper?"

Master: "NO BOY! Why should you receive anything????"

Orphan Boy: "I need food for I am hungry & I have completed all of my chores!"

Master: "Hmm.. Very well. You may have ONE small portion of Gruel!!!"

Orphan Boy: "Err.. Master that is really scaffy as I was rather hoping for the Lobster & Caviar!"

..Example 2..

Linzi: "Hey, do you like my new chair?"

Elliot: "No way! It's a bit scaffy! Look at the way it has been made! It resembles an 8 year old's wood shop skills!" Oh.. And if that is oak then I will bottle up my farts & go deep-sea diving breathing nothing but my ass gas!"
by PeggyLuXXX June 10, 2007
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