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Euphemism for a moment in time (typically in pop culture) where something or someone that was lackluster and/or underachieving suddenly and surprisingly became much better and exciting. Taken from Star Trek - The Next Generation, which many fans considered wanting until Commander Riker grew a beard at the start of Season Two, after which the show was solid and well-received for the rest of its run.
"Heather Locklear joining the cast of Melrose Place was that show's Riker's Beard moment."

"Ben Cherrington (Boston Red Sox GM) trading expensive malcontents like Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett to the LA Dodgers was a Riker's Beard for his career (and the Red Sox) if ever I saw one."

"Little did the New England Patriots know it at the time, but when Mo Lewis knocked Drew Bledsoe out in Week 2 of 2001, it would become a Riker's Beard for the franchise."

"The fact that Danny Ainge (Boston Celtics GM) turned getting boned in the 2008 NBA Draft Lottery into a Riker's Beard is still staggering to me."
by Honk4Gronk June 21, 2013

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Term of affection used to refer to Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. Refers to the unique pewter color of their helmets and uniform trim, which most people consider to be a huge improvement over their prior attire.
"Pewter Nation was never higher than they were after they won the 2002 Super Bowl."
"It's been a tough few years for the Buccaneers, but Pewter Nation still comes out to Raymond James Stadium in force."
"I used to be a big time fan of Pewter Nation, but after a while the losing and the mismanagement put me off."
by Honk4Gronk December 04, 2013

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A 40 foot tall purple ape that was featured in several Hanna-Barbera Saturday morning cartoon shows in the mid-to-late 70s. Although physically imposing the character was a friendly, gentle giant who sometimes didn't know his own strength and would often finish sentences by saying his name "Grape Ape, Grape Ape".

Widely considered to be a mediocre at best character. Often used as a meme by Adam Carolla to explain how terrible TV in general was in his formative years.
"At least now kids have choices as to what to watch on TV. When I was growing up we had Grape Ape. It was just dumb."
"I tried watching Grape Ape on Boomerang (retro H-B cartoon network) but I had to turn it off after 5 minutes."
by Honk4Gronk November 24, 2013

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In fantasy sports, a player who does not meet expectations or otherwise is of no value.
"All my pitchers are hurt, and all that is left in the pool are slugs like Joe Blow."
"I'm not sure why Rick picked Joe Blow in the first round. The guy is a slug."
"That trade did NOT work out. I traded my best guy for Joe Blow, and he's turned out to be nothing but a slug."
by Honk4Gronk August 27, 2013

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Nickname for Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA, home of the New England Patriots and New England Revolution soccer team. Used because one of Gillette's longterm flagship products is shaving cream.
"We're going to see the Patriots play the Colts tomorrow at The Big Can of Shaving Cream."
"What a finish at The Big Can of Shaving Cream today! Here are the highlights..."
by Honk4Gronk November 24, 2013

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Nickname for MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ (metro NYC) coined by Gregg Easterbrook, who writes the Tuesday Morning Quarterback (TMQ) column for ESPN.com. Snoopy (from Peanuts) is prominently featured in ads for MetLife.
"We're headed to Snoopy Stadium to see the Giants/Cowboys game."
"I think the Jets are playing at Snoopy Stadium Monday night."
"Are you going to Snoopy Stadium for Super Bowl 48?"
by Honk4Gronk November 24, 2013

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Semi-afffectionate term given to diehard fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL club. Comes from their pre-1998 uniforms, which were primarily Florida orange and white, the color of a creamsicle.
"Creamsicle Nation has to be pleased with the play of Mike Glennon at QB so far."
"It's been a rough few years for Creamsicle Nation, and I don't know if Greg Schiano is the answer at coach."
"I know Chris Berman said on ESPN they invented losing, but I'm proud to be a member of Creamsicle Nation."
by Honk4Gronk December 04, 2013

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