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Jizzing in your hand, clenching your fist, and keeping it there until its stuck. Then you punch someone in the face
I hate that fat bitch, I'm gonna petrov her in the face.
by SMUsucks June 04, 2009
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1) a psychopath

2) a cheap manipulator who, when things will blow up in his face, will find nothing else to do but to blame the whole galaxy.

3) a moron who manages to destroy about everything he undertakes and then poses (and maybe even thinks) he is a victim.

4) a male whore

5) someone who deludes himself in being so clever when in reality profoundly mediocre
"He did a Petrov", ie once again he managed to mess up everything. Of course, he will delude himself in thinking he is the victim of a conspiracy.
by Janett68 February 02, 2010
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