A place where people let their dogs piss and shit on the floor, don't clean it up themselves in spite of the "clean up stations" located conveniently around the store or don't even bother to mention it to an employee.

Where old smelly cat ladies who take in dozens of strays come in and drop 200 dollars that they don't have on 250 cans of cat food that they want taken out of the cardboard trays, double bagged and tied.

Where the dress code is so strict that khaki pants alone aren't acceptable. They can't have rivets and must be single seamed - NOT double. And technically white socks aren't allowed either, for they must match either your shoes or pants.

Where white trash comes in to buy live animals for their kids but refuse to spend enough to get all the things the animal needs to be properly taken care of and you have to spend an hour convincing them and explaining everything.

Note: In spite of all the latter, I LOVE my job.
"C'mon Tonya, let's go to PetSmart and buy our 10 kids some hamsters or sumthin' with our welfare checks. But I only wanna spend like twenty bucks cuz we still gotta buy some weed and diapers."

"Damn nigga, let's go to PetSmart and buy some really fucking mean fish like piranahs or sumthin'. I want them to eat other fish, yo. Those big ass fish can go in like a ten gallon tank right?"
by Alice B. December 20, 2005
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A store where employees are trained to actually know what they are talking about, yet be ignored by everyone.
Hey this PetSmart employee sure knows their I'll just buy this because I saw it on TV.
by hroshagul November 7, 2011
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Sells sick and dying animals and doesn't think that sand can cause impaction.
RIP Dart the Bahaman anole. Cause of death: Respiratory Infection that PetSmart sold him with.
by THE REAL MAYO MAN July 27, 2021
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A store with a really fucking annoying sign. I mean is it pets it's not because pet is blue and smart is red. So it's pet smart. But the commercial says pets mart! I am so confused, fuck that store I am going to a store where you can adopt puppies all the time not once a week. You can keep cats in there all the time but not dogs? Obviously, pets mart isn't very pet smart, or business savvy.
Suzy the fish I bought yesterday at petsmart just died and it's the fifth one this week, this is worse than verizon's refurbished phones!
by hickyvicky February 4, 2011
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