Dart is another word for cigarette.
Gotta dart? *dude hands you a cigarette*
by Yourmomsux October 26, 2014
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Mike, "Went over to her house and darted her all night long!"
Colin, "you're a pussy, you didn't even get a blowy"
by NeedToKnowMOFO November 4, 2010
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a dart is an australian way of saying
''hey bro, you have a spare dart' ' as in do you have a spare cigerette
by chewychewtain August 23, 2017
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Slang word Commonly known as a hypodermic syringe or a piont and aka rig in the drug world by herion,meth and other needle users
You got any clean darts, you have a extra dart i could use?
by Eshaniah November 16, 2016
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A turd that is pointy on one end and fluffs out at the other end. Should be left "on display" for all to see.
by RayBay March 14, 2004
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