What you get if you spell pets wrong on your Christmas list.
Someone got you that for Christmas? Why did you write Santa please bring me some pest for Christmas?
by Solid Mantis July 11, 2018
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a person who quite simply can be defined as a plagueing cunt! someone who never leaves you alone E.g. facebook messages, spamming your instagram etc. usually an ugly bastard of a yoke who thinks shes unreal!
that Rebecca wan is a pure pest!
by yeah soonnnn!! January 30, 2015
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A word usually used as a insult by men who demean women who are ill mannered, disrespectful, selfish, hypocritical, and falsely advertise
Ugh, she’s got some nerve calling me a creep, but she barely has on any Clothes and takes pictures half naked....... What a Pest
by Pest Killer March 16, 2020
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A bloke that doesn't have a type and goes for anyone with a pair of tits and a set of long nails, even if she has had a child removed by social services. No standards and plagues girls on Facebook and Instagram and follows any model wannabe thinking they might get some love in return. Usually goes to the gym, lifts weights, has tattoos and has no brain cells to think or do anything other than that...
Clive is a total fucking pest
by Beejuice April 11, 2016
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Spanish word for "bad smell", or "bad odor".
Wow! Who farted in here? What peste!!!


Person A: "Te cagaste?"
Person B: "Si. Por que?"
Person A: "Por que ay una peste a mierda en esta casa.."
by adrian1082 August 23, 2009
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John Leguizamo stars as a very funny / stupid character being hunted for his rare lineage
by Larstait November 05, 2003
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A group of diehard fans of the Opie and Anthony radio show on XM Satellite Radio. They are also known as "The O&A Army," but nicknamed "Pests" by Opie and Anthony for their persistence and fervor to promote O&A and relentlessly annoy O&A's rivals and detractors. They are a dedicated group of fans who will go to great lengths to promote Opie and Anthony, often spending considerable amounts of time and money to do so. They will often "attack" targets Opie and Anthony deem as "Fuckos" or "Enemies of the Show," which often include rival radio personalities who badmouth O&A.

The Pests' methods of "attack" are many and varied, ranging from showing up at live events for other radio personalities to "protest" with O&A signs and banners, repeatedly calling rival radio shows to mention O&A and drop O&A show references on the air to annoy the rival show's members, and even appearing at WWE Wrestling events and holding up signs with show references and slogans at ringside to be seen on live TV. The most recent targets of The Pests include Florida radio show The Philips Phile, which culminated in The Pests' purchase of ad time on a billboard not far from The Philips Phile studio to declare their victory and mock Philips Phile host Jim Philips. The Pests have also "attacked" former O&A friend Scott Ferrall, who began to bash O&A without provocation. The Pests invaded his weeklong "tryout" on XM's rival Sirius Satellite Radio, possibly costing him a permanent job with Sirius.
"They completely took over Scott Ferrall's radio show with call after call mentioning O&A. They're such pests!"
by Martini Steve February 20, 2006
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