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A drink that is only avaialble at China Buffet in Ludington, MI. In clear english, usually pronounced "Pepsi"
Waitress: What you want to Drink?

Customer: I'll have a Pepsi, please.

Witress: Ok, Pesi. Go head, have a sit.
by charlygordon123456 July 22, 2006
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A available in Chinese restaurant, often mistaken by the Chinese to be Pepsi
Chinamen-How many? What you like drink?

Patron-Yes I'd like a Pepsi

Chinamen-Okay Pesi? Go have buffet now.
by Stokes24 June 28, 2011
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Pesis is the mispelled word of Penis. Iy is used because it's fun to use, and when you are trying to speak about penises without others knowing, it's a great cover!
"The men had pesis wars with each other."
"His Pesis asploded!"
"I'm being cereal when I say this! His Pesis was this big!!"
by fuu November 06, 2007
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