Ludington is a small tourist town in Western Michigan consisting of plenty of sex offenders, alcoholics, rich people, and poor people. In the Winter, residents usually have nothing better to do but go to a bar downtown and drink. The teenagers of Ludington usually go to parties and drink, smoke pot, and have sex. In the Summer, there are many "Fudgies" (Michigan Tourists). People go the Ludington's nice beaches during the day and party at night. Ludington is also well-known for it's wide variety of MIP's, DUI's, and Sexual Offenders. It's not as bad as Baldwin though.
"Lets go to Ludington and visit it's beautiful state park and take the SS Badger Car Ferry to Wisconsin!"
by Ludington Resident April 30, 2007
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Ludington is the place to go when you are sick of scottville, which we all know will happen. The beach always has an amazing sunset while you watch the S.S. Badger come in.
Wow, Ludington is really better than scottville
by citizen September 9, 2018
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An elusive beast usually only found either within the confines of pizzarias or the quiet comfortable seclusion of a couch. Diet consists mostly of Fupa and pubic hairs. With an occasional tissue used to clean up masturbation leftovers which it cleverly hides beneath it's domicile. (the couch) When this creature comes out of hibernation, it usually tends to frequent such homosexual spots such as "C-Street"
That guy is one scary ass Ludington.
by Ryan Kyger October 6, 2006
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When you believe a girl wants you and your schlong, without ever having talked to her.
"Mia Khalifa wants my cock bro!"
"Oh shit, he's got Ludington Syndrome again."
by Dantenicoletti February 20, 2020
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Over wordy public displays aka Signs of Virtue Signalling what ought to be inner compulsions of categorical imperative, do unto others.
THe Ludington Rules signs were unwelcome in a Village bristling with signs like a bailed-up kuni kuni, a hedgehog or a porcupine.
by PartisanZ July 13, 2023
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