Rapped in Juice WRLD’s “Make Beleive”, it’s a combination of the drug Percocet and Hercules. Saying he’s stronger/better on Percocet I think .
Me and Stan, we alike but he ain’t nicer than me
He was drunk-drivin
Me, I’m just straight Percules
by LyricsHuh March 28, 2019
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is a type of dance.....
its time for the perculator! its time for the perculator!
by taline August 12, 2006
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when a womans vagina becomes wet upon arrousal and drips. it comes from a term used when talking about a coffee machine, the coffee perculates dripping from the machine into the pot. like a coffee machine, a woman gets hot and begins to perculate, as she cools down the perculation subsides
sophie hoard kneeled above my face legs spread. i told her she had a beautiful cunt, while running my fingers up and down her legs. she became arroused and began to perculate into my mouth.
by Tomb October 5, 2006
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a graphic way to describe one gaining moisture in personal areas during sexual arousal.
"Yo she got so nubbed up she started ta perculate
by dahatecatalyst September 14, 2005
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the climax of the story, when its flowing like viagra.

its the shit that the listening crowd doesnt know about..

made famous by T-Stone of Umerika
"went back 5 times and the last time i hit her with the perculator"
by 229 Manager December 28, 2016
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the growling and gas build-up in one's guts prior to needing to take a huge or greesy shit.
Dude, I gotta get home. I'm startin' to perculate!!
by SeriouslyLiz June 14, 2008
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