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2 definitions by Tomb

This man anouluck is the luckiest boy to have. He's always caring and loving to everyone. Sometimes he doesn't answer dms but that's because he's too caught up in his mind. If you get to be the girl he loves then you should feel special he'll love you with all his heart.
Tomb: anouluck is so sexy.

Every girl: yeah I agree!!
by Tomb November 15, 2020
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when a womans vagina becomes wet upon arrousal and drips. it comes from a term used when talking about a coffee machine, the coffee perculates dripping from the machine into the pot. like a coffee machine, a woman gets hot and begins to perculate, as she cools down the perculation subsides
sophie hoard kneeled above my face legs spread. i told her she had a beautiful cunt, while running my fingers up and down her legs. she became arroused and began to perculate into my mouth.
by Tomb October 5, 2006
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