Fine china is a slang which means for some people hot or beautiful or prestigious. Something hard to find.

The name is based on the lable on almost every single item you purchase ( made in China) sometimes most of those can be cheap and ugly. So, as a complement people just say fine china
Boy: Daaayyuum, you see that Fine China. She fine do

Boy2: OH lord this baby, this fine china. Dat ass. Mmhhh...Get in there my boy.
by Dopetranslator January 10, 2016
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This word can easily be mistaken for a female body part.
I think you should stop looking at my fine china.
I just washeed my fine china clean.
by LouHooy August 1, 2009
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A phrase used in place of the word cocaine
" We only use the finest of china"
"Set the table with fine china"
by pwoe101 January 11, 2018
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Though some misuse the term fine china to describe cocaine the original definition refers to heroin in its purest form. It is a white powder unlike "dirty" heroin which is brown or black. Fine china can be snorted.
Nah, I couldn't get any fine china. We got Black Tar Heroin though.
by valoem February 6, 2005
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Clean heroine always white in color. As opposed to tar which is less pure and usually a lot more dangerous.
I need a brick of "fine china"
by Not in denmark August 5, 2006
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