the most common type of sleep paralysis demon. also in some mediterranean areas it is used as very offensive curse word.
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A creature with unlimited battle strength. One day, there was a war between the pigs and the humans. The human killed pigs for there bacon, while the pigs ran away. However one gloomy day, the sun began to get brighter, and a shadow begun to descend from the clouds. She used her snort to completely destroy the earth, and eradicating all life that inhabits it. She landed on the closest planet she could, which happen to be mars. With on finger, she touched the ground, making the land around her only 2 colours: Green and blue. Then she blinked, and created 3 clones of herself. But with her power to control reality, she put one in a hydraulic press, and then she stretched the other 2 (one being stretched more then the other). At last she had a family!
“So what’s in our Baconator Bacon deluxe burger?” asked the Hungry Jacks employee.
“Two flame grilled Aussie beef patties with melted cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo on a toasted sesame seed bun!” Peppa pig replied
YoU ForGoT ThE bACoN!
WaIt TheRE Is BaCOn iN a bACoNAtoR BaCON DeLuXE?
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by Iminyourattic123 January 30, 2020
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she is a really fit pig who like to jump in muddy puddles and at the end of every 5 minute episode, her and her family mummy pig , daddy pig , george pig all fall over.
‘omg have you seen the latest episode of peppa pig? it’s sooooo good, she’s a right gangsta!’
by cheerfulchinchilla7 October 26, 2019
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A dumbass bint that just goes “I’m Peppa Pig, oink” and has a brother named George, not with pig on the end, just George, that can only say dinosaur and is a crybaby. I hate this show it is crap!
Big kid: “Oh look, that child still watches Peppa Pig. Boo!”
Little kid: “well you don’t eat everything with a fork, I do because Peppa does!”
Big kid: “Listen you lameass loser, you don’t eat everything with a fork you mongrel! Peppa is an asshole!”
Other big kid: “Hey, my little brother and sister are afraid because they saw Momo on there! Ha, ha! Scaredy-cats!”
Big kid: “Good one!”
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by OliverDeBrisbane December 21, 2019
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The perfect example of a kids TV show gone wrong, as several people with actual good humour edit the show into the videos known as YouTube poops while 4 year olds actually enjoy it despite the fact that it is the bane of our existence when not splattered with infinite memes and sexual jokes
Peppa Pig is on? Guess I’ll go kill myself then.
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by SupermercadoYeahhhhh June 08, 2018
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1. The thiccest and baddest bitch alive

2. Eats bacon 24/7 and fat shames her daddie
Daddie Pig: What should we eat for breakfast this morning

Peppa: Why yo fat ass always tryna eat some food
Peppa Pig: How bout you fix us some bacon and eggs since you fat ass always tryna eat

Mommae Pig: We dont have any bacon we ate it all
Peppa: *stomps upstairs pissed*
George:*plays with dinosaur*
by Peppapigis_thiccc June 30, 2019
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Peppa Pig is Pink trash!

Peppa Pig looks exactly like Ella!
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by BestPillot ||-// October 04, 2019
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