Rural parts of Pennsylvania with large concentrations of country folk, noted for interest in Hunting, Country Music, NASCAR, trailer life, Wal-Mart and working at the plant. Often spotted wearing camouflage with full grown beards or unkept caveman appearance driving pickup trucks with gun racks. Note: PA has the largest Rural population of any state, not everyone who lives or is from these regions is a red neck, hick or country bumpkin and most who don't dislike the reference "Pennsyltuckey" and find it insulting.
The Film "Deliverance" well not that extreme all the time in Pennsyltucky
by Brian Lauskies September 26, 2006
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The region of Pennsylvania not found within either the Philadelphia or Pittsburgh city limits.
I'm headed up the Northeast Extension into Pennsyltucky.

See (Pakys)
by anonymous February 22, 2004
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refers to a stretch of land (mostly in the Apalachian Mountains) ranging from Kentucky through West Virginia and into Pennsylvania where double wides, stock cars, and pick up trucks dominate....
by Anonymous August 16, 2003
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The definition of this is right...the geography is crap. The Pennsyltucky region is called a T for a reason, it's relatively thin and with a center base and two exterior arms at the top. West of the T, you have metro Pittsburgh (including Lawerence County), east of the T you have not just metro Philly, but also the Piedmont cities like Allentown-Bethlehem, Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg. These areas aren't hick and aren't Appelachian. The T area is the unpopulated garbage land between these areas, plus the entire north of the state. Scranton-Wilkes Barre and Erie are refuges from it (if you can call broken down old cities refuges), but they're still in the boundaries of crap.
Pennsyltucky life: drink beer, smoke dope, watch NASCAR, hunt deer, drive pick-up. I should know---my girlfriend is an escapee from Pennsytucky to the civilization of PGH.
by PennDelieverance March 10, 2010
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Often referred to or directed towards the state of Pennsylvania however the second syllable "tucky" or "tuckey" can also be applied to any state name, akin to the stereotype that Kentucky is full of red necks and backwoods Bubbas though anyone with common sense and is well traveled know they exist in all 50 states in some shape or form.
Travel the 50 states and look around and you will see Pennsyltucky in everystate.
by John Smither October 10, 2006
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A state in which it is considered 'gauche' to marry outside your immediate family. You are required to own at least two off-road vehicles and if you have a firm grasp of the English language you are considered a homosexual. Non-whites are severely frowned upon as are people with their own identity, thoughts and more than three books in their home...unless those books include Jeff Foxworthy's "You might be a redneck if..." or "Guns and Ammo" or any book pertaining to incestuous relationship with your daughter. This state is known for it's infamously archaic infratstructure, most notably it's highways and byways. It's chief exports include 'Yeungleung' beer, coal and tarts with floppy breasts and flabby white legs who dance in G0-GO bars in NY and NJ and who compete visciously with the Russian and Brazilian girls for that 'almighty dollar'. One final note on 'Pennsyltucky': it might be said that the mullet is alive and well in this godforsaken state.
I went to Pennsyltucky this weekend to play a little golf and nearly got ran off the road by some mullet wearing neanderthal and his sister/wife.
by Fred Norris March 12, 2003
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Pennsylvania. The nice part of Pennsylvania. Far removed from the drug and gang violence of Philadelphia and the wrenching rust belt desperation of Pittsburgh, the area, when depicted on a map resembles the capital letter 'T'. The term most likely originated in the soulless suburbs of Northern New Jersey, upon which point usage spread to Central and South Jersey and ultimately, the white ghettos of South Philadelphia, and that city's affluent suburbs.
Ted: 'Youre from Philly?'
Tip: 'No, Pennsylvania.'
Ted: 'Oh. What's the difference?'
Tip: 'We aren't rude or obnoxious'

The Capitol of Pennsyltucky is Camp Hill- we invade Harrisburg at dawn.
by john a duffy October 12, 2006
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