When a young girl hates her mother for not being born with a penis. It is usually subconscious and the girl often hates her mother from years to a lifetime. In more serious cases the girl also grows up hating men for having the penis that she never did or ever will.

Women with this are not lesbians, they simply knew they were missing something as a child and are now unable to realize that's the cause for the hatred and oftentimes unable to change their ways
After years and years of hating her mother, Kelly realized she had penis envy...all she ever wanted was a penis
by Vickkehhh February 20, 2009
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When a man is jealous of another man because of the size of his penis. Usually a girl is involved, she might choose one man over another, and the other man comes down with penis envy.
"Joe has penis envy."

"Penis envy is why the two men aren't friends."
by KB October 5, 2003
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Sigmund Freud’s Penis Envy Theory
Women want to work = they envy the penis
Not kidding, that’s how he came up with this.
He was doing a study on women by talking to men. His theory was based on what men told him.

Karen Horney proved Freud’s theory wrong a few years later. She did a study about women with women.
by TazMania January 29, 2008
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every male has penis envy because they either feel inadequate or they brag about how big their penis is and cause penis envy in others
Jimmy has penis envy because Jon's is bigger
Jon brags about the size of his penis which makes Jimmy have penis envy
by MineIsBiggerThanYoursIs February 14, 2005
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To be jealous of another man's Penis.
Bro 1: Dude, what's up with Nate?
Bro 2: He saw Luke's penis and now he's feeling jealous out of inferiority.
Bro 1: Ah, total penis envy
by Botaku October 1, 2018
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Perhaps the reason a friend of mine is being such an asshole towards me.
"Heh! That guy has penis envy I can tell!"
-me after being harassed by some jerkoff
by Dave January 15, 2004
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