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Torvalds wrote the original Linux kernel. Basically, the creator of Linux itself.
by analog November 15, 2003
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Linus Torvalds is the genius from Finland who created Linux and wrote the first Linux kernel. He is an extremely talented programmer and yet he's very modest. (The guy doesn't even make a profit from any of the distributions of Linux out there.) He is the total opposite of Microsoft's Bill Gates (who fears the growth that Linux has experienced in the past 14 years). Linus is a creative, good natured programmer who derives satisfaction from putting out an open source OS that actually works. On the other hand, Bill Gates is an unoriginal person, who likes destroying small companies, and derives satisfaction from making grossly unnecessary gobs of money from selling software that crashes often.
by RC January 17, 2005
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The only man to ever create something (Linux) which may just destroy Microsoft Windows.

Also the man Bill Gates fears the most, he fears him so much that RedHat and send Bill Gates into a nervous breakdown whenever he hears the name, or views the websites.
Microsoft Employee: Bill, Linux is gradually overtaking us.
Bill Gates: NOOO GET IT AWAY GET IT AWAY!!!! *has nervous breakdown*
by Cloud November 19, 2004
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