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The combination between the two words “peng” (fit/good) and “dench” (big/massive).
“That burger is proper pench mate”
“Look at that building! Pench innit
by biggoon April 05, 2019
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Pench is someone quite stupid / retarded that like the trend, but then fails at setting a new one by using a word that rhymes with a 'sick' word and killing it -.-
Jamie - 'That t-shirt is pench'
Matt - 'Yeahh'
Luke & Chris 'Leave it yeahhhhhhhh'
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To squeeze between the finger and thumb. For those who speak properly, you might recognize the word "pinch."
Stop penching me Erkia.
by Brandiwine March 02, 2005
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The word "pench" Was Created by the great Mel Gibson. It refers to when someone "pinches". Can be used in many different ways in many different conversations.
My nipples! They hurt when you pench them!


Pench them! You must pench them!
by AdamWasHere November 09, 2010
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