When something is so peak that the a went flying off. It is a term of increasing popularity amongst the urban youth of London, rivalling that of peak and it often comes accompanied with hand gestures replicating the peak of a mountain.
It can refer to an excellent or top quality situation/object/event/person. (1)

e.g. Pek times for you getting an A* in maths GCSE

Curiously, it can also refer to a very negative situation. (2)

1) Oh man that rave was ^pek^!

2) Dude, your girl is giving you bare shit nowadays, that's pek.
by Boombafish May 23, 2012
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Pek is a Danish slang work for "Pik" which means dick.
by Batgris January 8, 2016
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(noun) filipino word for pussy
Joseph has a pek pek instead of a titi
by JackChris May 15, 2005
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1. I came out of my mommy's pek pek
2. Pek pek is the main commodity sold by pok poks (hookers)
by pak_pak April 15, 2010
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pek pek is a filipino word that means pretty or beautiful. Alot of people use this word or phrase to express how beautiful or pretty someone is.
for example if someone says "I am so pek pek!" or "you are so pek pek" they are telling you how pretty/beautiful you are.
by emidaweeb July 4, 2022
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Acronym - Pussy Eating King
A person who is very skilled in the art of cunnilingus
50 ate my pussy so well last night. My pussy was wet for hours. He deserves a crown for doing it so well. 50 is a PEK
by 50's Wifey November 30, 2007
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A Filipino word meaning beautiful; a word typically used to praise people. This is a very useful word to use especially when flirting with other Filipino
“Mabantot ang pek pek mo 🥰”
by himgabobo May 31, 2020
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