To run away from something, very quickly, either in escape of violence, or police.
"When I saw that tall nigga comin' after me, I peeled off."
by J-From-Brooklyn September 10, 2009
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To drive away very quickly in a car.
As soon as he saw the cops he peeled off.
by Dman December 5, 2003
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2 shoot a gun. the bullet shell comes of the bullet when fired.

similar to pop a cap.
yo them bitch made ass fools was talkin some shit ima go peel off some shells at them bustas.
by the original mofo BIATCH June 24, 2004
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Symbolic meaning in which the orange stands for the world. And when you tell someone to peel off, it means they can die or walk off Earth.
Maddie: I hate you, you fucking skank.
Jessica: Peel off bitch.
by jessaywhatxd April 20, 2011
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A phrase used to desribe the amount of weight a chick would have to lose before you would fuck her. (sober of course)
NOTE: Twenty could be replaced with any number of pounds as you see fit. i.e. "Peel off fifty"
"I'd stick it in Beth's shitter...if she peeled off twenty"
by Ticklemy April 20, 2004
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To let loose a high-pitched, squealing fart which startles children and causes birds to scatter.
I was really digging this girl in my economics class until I heard her peel off a hot screamer and I almost barfed up my turkey sub.
by Porge Gorwell March 17, 2011
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