13 definitions by Dman

hip hopity capital of meath, the hip hopitiest county in all of Iland(ireland)
man, colm o'murchu is representin n town like no other wigga
by Dman November 30, 2004
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To drive away very quickly in a car.
As soon as he saw the cops he peeled off.
by Dman December 5, 2003
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To fumble the biscuit is to lose the money (the biscuit) you made or to make unwise investments with the money you already have, i.e. the biscuit. It's also used for fumbling, or botching or bungling, something more generally
Netflix won't exist in 3033 they're really fumbling the biscuit
by Dman January 9, 2023
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A total fucking moron who thinks he's "gangsta." No one on HG likes him, and he should get hit by a truck.
Hatshit you fucking cunt. Die.
by Dman March 24, 2005
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dyslexic for ucd. not a very good college let alone university
north side hole. a bit of a kip. used to have eamon dunphy. sums it up really
by Dman December 21, 2004
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Lame 80s computer company
by Dman December 12, 2003
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Do you want 2 cd's?
2 cd's nutz in yo mouth beeyatch
by Dman December 17, 2003
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