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a talented young man with very big dreams. Peddys are considered to be very cute and sensitive, they do not have a hard time communicating with women nor getting themselves into meaningful relationships. Can often times act foolish and say stupid things but at the end of the day are just sweethearts. Many girls are attracted to these types of males.
Tod: bro i wish i could have pulled a peddy move last night.

Jolie: you have a peddy? girl your so lucky!
by Saina April 04, 2011
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Term for women's feet. Often, they are well pedicured and taken care of.
I want to massage her peddies.
by Michael Lopez September 09, 2004
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Doing dumb raw ass shit just to do it taken from the word petty just spelled different. Made famous by Charlie P and
Hey check out for some funny videos
by Peddy Pete June 02, 2009
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