Pearl is a beautiful name and a curly hair girl. Peaple often call her a bubble tea because it's sounds like pearl.
by MRgrandeMan February 24, 2021
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Pearl is amazingly beautiful and strong. She’s the girl who always smiles and always puts you in a good mood. She’s never gonna say or do something that isn’t true. She may do things you don’t except but never underestimate her. She’s one you can never let slip out of your life. If you take a chance and trust her you might find out she could be the best girlfriend or friend you’ll ever have.
Pearl is the most honest loving girl you’ll meet.
by Thatoneguy31 September 03, 2020
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Pearl is sweet and nice, she's shy at first but outgoing when you get to know her. She is beautiful but doesn't know it. Once you find a Pearl, never let her go. Pearl is a very kind-hearted person and always has a smile on her face. She doesn't let hate bother her. Pearl will be a very relevant person in this world. Don't push her though because she will fuck you up. Pearl is an amazing best friend and girlfriend. Her heart beats for one person and she won't whore around. The best thing about Pearl is that she will always be her self.
Pearl is beautiful.
Pearl will always be her self.
Pearl is an amazing person.
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by Pearl Dawson June 19, 2020
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Pearl is a awesome cat name that is Anastasia’s baby.
Pearl is the best.
by Yay again October 17, 2019
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a girl who when you first meet her seems sweet and innocent but when you get to know her she becomes a bitch and a slag. pearl throws up when she drinks and does stuff she will most likely regret in the morning. she also loves to gossip, pearl is an amazing friend (if you’re not a cow to her) she’s gorgeous and funny. everyone needs a pearl in their life.
hey do you know pearl, she’s a legend .
by joe goldberg 69 May 09, 2020
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shes a crack head and she sucks dick for a living. She has no friends and she is crazy
Example: "Hey Fuck Pearl"
by Theo Sparks May 01, 2019
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