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To be your best self; the time in your life when you are at your best, most successful, funniest, coolest, most popular
That bitch peaked in high school. Now it's all down hill.
by Vader42 May 26, 2015
peaked.. you peaked from coolest to complete total loser

"you used to be popular in high school, but i think you peaked"

by jadaxfuen January 05, 2008
looking pale as a result of sickness..
hey brother you're looking peaked. are you ok?
by Gary Morris November 21, 2006
Being at the peak of a high from cannabis or other drugs.
"Dude are you stoned yet?"

"Ya dude I'm fuckin peaked"
by massworder February 11, 2012
the feeling after ingesting copious amounts of pain killers
Dude I'm pretty peaked right now.
Do you want to get peaked?
Hey I've got some peaks, you wanna pop?
by floyd pockerton April 19, 2011
to get lose your virginity
Jack peaked at a young age
by Harvey Schveenstein September 10, 2006
She looked up at me from her knees and I peaked.
by Diggity6 October 09, 2017