verb. Going to urinate when drinking large amounts of beer; as such that you don't buy beer you rent it.
"Order another pitcher, I gotta go pay the rent."
by icarus7474 August 5, 2008
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A sex position in which the man fits his shoulders into the back of the womans knees, lifts her off the ground so that only her shoulders are on the matress, and proceeds to engage in intercourse using the 'jackhammer' method.
Landlord: "Your rent is three weeks overdue miss."

Woman: "I don't have any money, is there anything else I can do to pay the rent?"
by Crooked L3 May 8, 2003
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Any form of sex for compensation
"I just bought my girl dinner so you know its time for her to pay the rent."
by Big JD August 15, 2003
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"I took my ho out for dinner and now its time for her to pay the rent"
by Big JD August 18, 2003
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To go to the bathroom. From the phrase that you never buy beer, you just rent it for a while.
I've drunk so much, it's time to pay the rent
by Malcolmtent March 15, 2007
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Honey would you pay my rent
by Wayne44 March 15, 2016
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This is how Bill Gates is neo-posing we solve the climate crisis.
Pay high rent and eat bugs?🐛 Is Bill Gates serious?
by Sexydimma November 26, 2022
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