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Shithole town in West Virginia that nobody wants to visit or know it exists. Famous for having a Dollar General and one main road. Popular tourist attractions are the drug dealers and their sewer pond and the Paw Paw tunnel where many people say is haunted.
"Hey Eddie, wanna go up to Paw Paw and cop some weed?"
"Hell yeah, I heard they have a Dollar General there!"
by Ilostthegamelolnibba January 17, 2017
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Fredagsmys is pretty much the most holy tradition of Sweden. The word origins from two words; β€œfredag” and β€œmys”, which roughly translates to Friday and cozy. Every Friday, all Swedes drive by the supermarket to buy ingredients for taco, soda and chips. Then, they all sit down in their sofas with their families or friends and watch telly. Usually, the parents fall asleep after a few glasses of wine or beer while the kids stuff themselves with chips until they have a stomach ache.
Now it's the end of the week; it is time for fredagsmys!
by popsicle power June 19, 2011
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1.) What kids call their grandfather
2.) A tree with banana type fruit.
3.) City in Michigan
Pawpaw: Alrighty sonny wait up.

2.) That paw paw tree is huge!

3.) Why don't we take a trip to PawPaw, Michigan
by Nimrodic_Neka March 06, 2008
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(n)- a city in michigan- so nice they named it twice. known for its grape and wine festival, st. julians winery, its drug scene(behind the willow tree). Synonym- BumFuck,Michigan
Jo-Ahhh my parents are making me goto dumbass bumfuck michigan.
Bob-Awwe Paw Paw is not that bad.
by motothejo April 03, 2009
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a less know fruit that tastes like a cross of mango and banana usually contains three brownish black seeds and is found in the USA ,
or a definition of someones grandpa
hey Pawpaw!! Why were you at my graduation?!

that pawaw was delicious !!
by amazon8907 May 21, 2010
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pronounce: pah-PAW
1)The local name for what Tourists/Europeans/Americans, call papaya i.e a long smelly fruit, with big round black seeds thats like a mango but is better for you and is not as sweet.

2) some city apparently

Tourist: what would you reccomend to accompany breakfast?
West Indian: try a paw-paw
Tourist: what?
W. I: a papaya
Tourist: what'd you call it?
W.I: nevermind sir
by amibbdos August 09, 2006
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