Shithole town in West Virginia that nobody wants to visit or know it exists. Famous for having a Dollar General and one main road. Popular tourist attractions are the drug dealers and their sewer pond and the Paw Paw tunnel where many people say is haunted.
"Hey Eddie, wanna go up to Paw Paw and cop some weed?"
"Hell yeah, I heard they have a Dollar General there!"
by Ilostthegamelolnibba January 17, 2017
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(n)- a city in michigan- so nice they named it twice. known for its grape and wine festival, st. julians winery, its drug scene(behind the willow tree). Synonym- BumFuck,Michigan
Jo-Ahhh my parents are making me goto dumbass bumfuck michigan.
Bob-Awwe Paw Paw is not that bad.
by motothejo April 03, 2009
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1.) What kids call their grandfather
2.) A tree with banana type fruit.
3.) City in Michigan
Pawpaw: Alrighty sonny wait up.

2.) That paw paw tree is huge!

3.) Why don't we take a trip to PawPaw, Michigan
by Nimrodic_Neka March 06, 2008
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pronounce: pah-PAW
1)The local name for what Tourists/Europeans/Americans, call papaya i.e a long smelly fruit, with big round black seeds thats like a mango but is better for you and is not as sweet.

2) some city apparently

Tourist: what would you reccomend to accompany breakfast?
West Indian: try a paw-paw
Tourist: what?
W. I: a papaya
Tourist: what'd you call it?
W.I: nevermind sir
by amibbdos August 09, 2006
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Used to describe a perverted old man, not necessarily a relative but can be, who smells like pus and vitamins, likes young people to sit on his lap, and has a chocolate finger. Coined by the switched:ON Show podcast.
Come over here and sit on Paw-Paw's lap
by switched:ON December 10, 2006
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Non sequitir exclamation denoting derision or ridicule of someone or something. From author Cheryl Trykv's reading of her story on radio show This American Life, in which the main character sees a billboard proclaiming "Paw Paw For Jesus" and starts to yell it out the car window in sarcastic ecstasy. Paw Paw is a town in Michigan.
You see Sarah Palin on TV talking about death panels, so you yell "Paw Paw For Jesus!"
by mrbgoode September 03, 2009
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