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A semi-famous phrase from a short story that was aired on NPR about seven or so years ago. It involved a woman hitchhiking through a town called PawPaw. Whilst hitchhiking, she sticks her head out the window and yells "PawPaw for Jesus!" to show her enthusiasm.
So I shoved my head out the window and screamed, "PawPaw for Jesus!"
by toee April 16, 2006
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Non sequitir exclamation denoting derision or ridicule of someone or something. From author Cheryl Trykv's reading of her story on radio show This American Life, in which the main character sees a billboard proclaiming "Paw Paw For Jesus" and starts to yell it out the car window in sarcastic ecstasy. Paw Paw is a town in Michigan.
You see Sarah Palin on TV talking about death panels, so you yell "Paw Paw For Jesus!"
by mrbgoode September 03, 2009
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