Pau is an amazing person that is really nice and always cheers you up, he is really shy but when you get to know he’s a really nice friend, he’s always there for you when you need him, he is really sensible and has been hurt a lot of times.
by Bust down February 24, 2019
Pau is just a good ol' friend who will always stick to your side. Pau's are often spanish or mexican (it's basically the same thing). They're kinda sexist and racist but it doesn't matter bc they're not white.
Enrique: Que pasa pinche, have you met my friend Pau?
Tryvon: Nah, but he seems chill
Enrique: He is cabron, he's the best. look;
Pau: Was good my nig-
Enrique: You're not supposed to say that
Tryvon: It's aight, i like this guy
by Ronny James September 25, 2021
All pau.
by Kit Okimoto September 20, 2003
Hawaiian for "finished/done".

Virtually all Hawaii residents know this word, and it's used a lot by Pidgin speakers.
Kawika: Eh, you like go kau kau? (Do you want to eat?)
Jerry: No, I pau awready. (No, I'm done (eating) already.)

Kawika: You done wit work? (Did you finish your work shift?)
Jerry: Yeah, I pau hana. (Yeah, I'm done with work.)
by suzukihmj October 1, 2020
someone that goes to alcott school and gets kicked out of everywhere!!!!!!!
lets go pau this place
by candylady September 13, 2012
When you work all day and at the end, you find out that all your work is gone because of some, seemingly, unexplainable phenomena.
-Why is Susan so mad?
-She overwrote a file and lost her entire project.
-Oh, she made a pau?
-I think so...
by bolbog April 19, 2019
Another name for pussy. Used in Hillsdale as a term of slang.
"She saw me and instantly her paus was wet."


"I'm gonna grind on every piece of paus that comes through that door."
by DCT January 16, 2008