Pau is an amazing person that is really nice and always cheers you up, he is really shy but when you get to know he’s a really nice friend, he’s always there for you when you need him, he is really sensible and has been hurt a lot of times.
by Bust down February 23, 2019
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Another name for pussy. Used in Hillsdale as a term of slang.
"She saw me and instantly her paus was wet."


"I'm gonna grind on every piece of paus that comes through that door."
by DCT January 16, 2008
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When you work all day and at the end, you find out that all your work is gone because of some, seemingly, unexplainable phenomena.
-Why is Susan so mad?
-She overwrote a file and lost her entire project.
-Oh, she made a pau?
-I think so...
by bolbog April 19, 2019
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