A small safe town in Bergen County, New Jersey. It is filled with the nicest & most down-to-earth people you will ever meet. The guys are fugly, the girls are sexy.
That girl is so hot, but her boyfriend's so ugly. They must be from Hillsdale!!
by snaps4sam12 July 07, 2011
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the town with the hottest guys. hangout in town alot. most guys do drugs and smoke.
guy. lets go smoke somewhere. but where?
guy2. anywhere in hillsdale
by ilovedickaroundmymouth April 07, 2009
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Sydney east suburb n Matraville nextdoor and little brother Areas safe thanks to gang members not the city council or The Police.If u think causing trouble here is a good idea pray that gangs are NOT seeing or hearing anything because when they do u got 5seconds to leave the little suburb or have a visit to POW hospital.its ok to go with no cash to Southpoint coz u can rack from wollies from a extra chewy to a big bottle of coke n security just sleeps on the job.home of the notroious grace campbell this is only the ppl dat lives here Bangladeshin Pakastaini Indian Asyrian Lebos Maoris Pacific Islandes (mostly Tongans) If ur from West Sydney make sure you dont come alone.Hillsdale is most areas worst enemy n known 4 its fights with other suburbs at Westfield Eastgardens Parking lot
How we gonna get the boys from hillsdale lad other boys are offering us outt dont worry il get the maoris and tongans theres one thing theyll acceppt (food) from us.Then will go easties n show these kunts how we do in the area
by SoutheastSYDNEY2036 July 10, 2018
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