Patriots is a shitty football team that will never win another Super Bowl for 50 years and with never ever beat the Eagles because the patriots suck.
Hey do you like the Patriots?
No, the Patriots suck at football!
by SupremeHeem February 4, 2018
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The act of brown-nosing to a country. (See butt-kisser)
By being patriotic, he doesn't have to pay his taxes.
by Detranova July 28, 2003
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bleeding- or dying to defend our GOD GIVEN RIGHTS of free expression, freedom to worship GOD, freedom to own property, freedom from government meddling, freedom to life from conception to natural death, freedom to remain silent when accused, freedom of innocence until proven otherwise, freedom of association, freedom of DISassociation
patriotism is the willingness to give of one's self completely for others to experience the awesomeness of America under God
by IBleedForCountry July 31, 2011
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Used to describe a conservative American incaple of thinking critically. These people consider it a compliment for some reason.
Bubba is very patriotic, which is good because it leaves more room in his skull for his uncle's whammy to fit.
by nomorebushpleasegodnomorebush December 12, 2003
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A politicaly-correct word for blind or arrogant.
by AYB March 26, 2003
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'to be loyal to ones country'
In the USA and UK this seems to mean:
'totally agree with everything your supposed betters tell you and never question authority'
Im patriotic I am, stand up for the national anthem, suport the England team but I really dont like paying my taxes'
by bigmeuprudeboy September 18, 2003
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