when a guy takes one for the team by having sex with an ugly chick but wrapping an american flag over her face
dude i should have patriot act this girl in the bar i met but i was so hammered to notice her face
by rente2121 October 19, 2009
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An act that scares terrorists and other people that have something to hide (potential terrorists).

Come on people, as long as you live your life safe, go to work, pay your taxes and stay out of trouble (living a clean and simple life), this act doesn't effect you AT ALL. If you're a freaking radical muslim extremist, whose name is Mohammed Bin Al-Kazar, and you start checking out books from the libary on how to make bombs and start talking to your radical jihadist brothers over the phone about bombing America, then this act does effect you in every way.

Expand the mind a little bit people. Radical Muslims have declared Jihad on America and they will stop at nothing to kill us. The PATRIOT Act is why all the damn suicide bombings happen over seas, and not HERE.
Worry free citizen: Oh I just checked out Harry potter from the library. After I get off work, I believe I shall go home and relax in the comfort of it. Meanwhile, the PATRIOT Act is protecting from people who want to take away my freedoms as a loving, Christian American.

Crazy Ass Radical Extremist: Oh I just checked out all three volumes on Bomb Making from the library! America is mine!!! PATRIOT Act is bad!!! Veto it!!! SILENCE!! I KILL YOU!!!!!!
by USAprotector March 09, 2008
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