Perfection, the most handsomest cutest guy you will ever meet and is pretty smart and fit
You see a smart handsome guy from Slovakia with a cute lisp?
Got to be patrik
by Ooflordxi April 12, 2019
Patrik is a good looking guy/kid that gets girls easily. You might think that it is good but it's not. Patrik commits to many relationships with very good friends which eventually destroys their bond. Patrik is cool naturally, has a good sense of humor and has lots of friends. Patrik is all Nike and does not make gangs to make himself look good. And yes about every sentence in this description starts with Patrik.
Goerge: Damn that Patrik's love life must be amazing.
Patrik: I just lost my best friend.
by Krabbypatty333 June 11, 2018
A type of person that can deal with you and your antics. A nice person, the kind that you know would be a house husband.
Patrik gave me a sandwich, for free.
by ILIEKYAOI April 15, 2019
A Man who stands to his words. But his words are not always true. He manipulates People to get what he wants. But when it comes to girls, he changes. He loves with all of his hearts and only one girl at a time. He is carring, sweet and handsome.
by Patrik The Man January 2, 2017
A tall graceful being; generally nordic by nature.

Girls are under the illusion that they are muscular and handsome, little do they know these secretive creepers dye their pubes every full moon as well as shave their armpits.
You will never believe what my boyfriend did last night! He went all patrik on me!
by Space Toy December 18, 2010
Patrik je nádherný!
by The Main P February 4, 2010