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Paternoed (verb, usually past-tense) -- Slang. To poop, to defecate, to move bowels accidentally or in a situation in which it is least desired. To crap oneself, i.e. moving bowels when wearing a garmet. Named for the legendary Penn State head football coach who was forced to leave in the middle of a big game to use the facilities. He returned after halftime wearing different pants and later said only that he had 'flu-like symptoms.'
Have you Paternoed yet today?

I Paternoed myself.

You smell like you Paternoed yourself.
by M.Kel. September 25, 2006
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If you were unjustly dismissed, fucked or screwed from a job-you have been Paternoed. Obviously you were competent but still were fired because a higher up in your organization ignored the truth.
I used to teach at that school but I got Paternoed. I think it was cause I was smarter then my boss.
by begold February 03, 2012
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