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Girls who try to appear "normal" and without eating disorders by always ordering cakes and dessert in a restaurant or cafe. Notice that they never really eat very much, just putting tiny amounts on the fork or spoon to give the illusion that they're eating. When others leave for a moment the rest of the pastry is disposed of somewhere nearby.
Alice is such a "pastries", a fraud who pretends to eat but is just jerking everyone around. She's really seriously ill.
by Shardgirl February 21, 2011
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being really cheap.
a stingy, avaricious person.
A cheapskate, curmudgeon, niggard, penny pincher, piker, scrooge, skinflint or tightwad is a person who is reluctant to spend money, sometimes to the point of forgoing even basic comforts and some necessities.
chawla: vijay, could you buy me a cup of coffee, im kinda broke.
vijay: u cheap pastry , tell your mom to send you some cash.

yy: chawla , i need a ten for that chocolate, could i have that much?
chawla: im broke dude!
yy:u fuckin cheap pastry, go do your mom.
by i256 December 02, 2010
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When someone tells a boring story that nobody else cares about. Its usually long and/or takes forever to get to the point. It may have no point or doesn't say anything important that anyone cares about. It is a form or rambling however the person does not realise they are doing it even if others have tuned out or is looking back with a blank stare. If the story had already been told it is refered to as a stale pastry.
This is a short pastry spoken by a colleague who I work with every day: "Today I walked to work along the footpath past many houses as I do every morning. I have to stop at the pedistrian crossing. Then I got to work, I walked inside, said hello to you and sat down to work"
by Kezzaron August 13, 2009
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A chick or guy who's so HOT that they look good enough to EAT!
Jennifer nicnamed Doug, Pastry
by Jennfier January 31, 2004
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Another term for biatch. Since my friend thinks biatch sounds like a pastry name.
Man my mom is such a pastry
by terd May 06, 2005
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the new hot shoes that the Simmons sisters came out with
Friend:Did you cop a pair of pastries yet?
Girl: Na girl. I gotta get mine today!
by Moochmama July 11, 2008
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