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One who places an empty bowl of candy on the porch on Halloween.

Important Note: This is only considered spiteful, not passive-aggressive, unless the bowl is accompanied by a sign which reads, "Please take one"
I'm not going to place an example, but I am going to put out an empty bowl of candy with a sign that says, "Please take one." Why? Well, for one thing, it's pretty self-explanatory. But more importatnly, I'm passive-aggressive.
by hehehe666 October 30, 2005

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A bringing together of people who really dont give a fuck
The Apathy Club at Conard High School was canceled due to lack of interest.
by hehehe666 May 06, 2004

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A) An example of onomonopia

B) The laugh of some1 who is completely and utterly emersed in their own imagined evilness

C) The mantra of george w bush
A) Look it up if you don't believe me

B) You know its true

C) Think about it. Itll dawn on you
by hehehe666 May 07, 2004

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A)Former Republican and conservative president of the United States. The first president to invade Iraq in the early 1990s. Failed in his attempt to capture the incarnation of evil, Geaorge W. Bush. (I mean Saddam Hussein).

B)Some really strange rodent I saw in a zoo once
by hehehe666 May 07, 2004

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