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act of doing something specifically to piss someone off, but with the cover of "I didn't realize it would bother you".
My roommate was talking shit on me, so when she was trying to study I blasted my music as loud as I could. I was being passive aggressive.
by shouvley May 10, 2007

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work place of the doctors of grey's anatomy
-if i ever have any sort of medical issue i want to go to seattle grace hospital
-i sometimes find myself hoping for a brain tumor just i can go to seattle grace hospital and have mcdreamy for my doctor
by shouvley July 02, 2006

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The same nasty, stringy hair that is on the upper lip of every resident of a trailer park, male or female.
Adam Morrison of Gonzaga needs to shave off his trailer 'stache.
by shouvley May 05, 2006

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The greatest college quarterback in the game today and front runner for the 2006 Heisman Trophy. Also the sexiest player in the history of college football.
I want to have Brady Quinn's babies.
by shouvley May 07, 2006

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