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A city in the San Gabriel Valley, near Los Angeles. Basically in the middle of everything cool in So Cal. A lot of diversity, tons of people live here. Home of the Rose Bowl, Rose Parade, PCC, and other shit which is only important if you're not from Dena. Home to a lot of public schools, christian schools and private schools. A lot of celebrities live here, spotted usually on Colorado near Paseo/Old Town. All the shopping stuff is near Old Town and on South Lake, which is where the private school kids hang out. Really good athletes live here, PHS and Muir always have good sports teams. Everything you would need in a city, Pasadena has it.
Kid1: Yo, lets head down to Pasadena, shits active out there.

Kid2: fersher bro. lets hit old town
by cashhhh69 January 28, 2012

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