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Pasadena, also known as "Dena" or the "626" is a city near LA, best known for the rose bowl games(which USC always wins) and the rose parade (which is only cool to the people who dont live in Pasadena). Full of Bloods (PDL), Crips, Latin Kings, Villa Boys, Thugs, tweakers, hobos, rich snobs, and everything else. It has underrated public schools who people love to critisize (Muir,PHS,Marshall,Blair,Rose City) which is mostly for the blacks, hispanics, and lower class white people who love to party, get wasted, and have fun. Muir is usually thought of to be the ghettoest one because it is in the "hood" which is in north-west pasadena near altadena (but thats where the best athletes tend to be). But Pasadena also has a whole bunch of private schools for the rich people who dont want their "precious" little kids to be affiliated with the "lower class" kids(Maranantha,La Salle,...etc) those are the kids who you'll usually see kikin it at the paseo on colorado st.
Dawg lets go to Pasadena and party it up in the 626!
by 626Dena4 April 24, 2009

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