Something that is cool, but completely has no practical use
"Have you seen Tom's party trick? H ed can down 5 beers in 10 seconds."
by Fastdriver1227 January 31, 2019
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The act by which your friend steals your stuff while you're not looking and puts them in his pants in a horrible manner and you can only sit and watch.
*John takes Barry's car keys while John talks to Joe*

Barry: "Hey John"
John: "What?"
*Barry holds up keys*
Barry: "Party trick"
John: "Oh god..."

*Barry pushes the keys up one leg of his pants, into the crotch area, and then reaches up the other leg, pulls them out, and hands them back to John*
by semisi sole June 4, 2014
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When a woman cums excessively and at will.
Steve: Have you seen Marie's party trick?

Shane: Yeah, there must be at least two litres gushing out of her!!!
by Jerard_Con_Carne December 3, 2005
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The act of shitting on someone's face who is inebriated to the point of unconcsiousness for 'bringing down the vibe of the party'.
Did you hear what eddie als did to that bird who passed out? He 'Eddie Allen party tricked' the bitch. She was bringing down the vibe of the party.
by nwa234 September 2, 2008
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Someone who's got party trick after party trick after party trick, but leaves you no reason to ever miss their presence after the party. Similar to a puppet master.
The party trick master has mastered every one of her party tricks, but when the people she thought of as her puppets are no longer around, the difference between her and them is they don't miss her presence or mind being alone, away from from the party, away from the group.
by Solid Mantis January 14, 2020
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The coolest fucking band to ever exist. They became friends very quickly and bonded over who knows the fuck what. Legend has it…they all have tattoos of party hats on their tits.
“Bro have you ever heard of party trick?”

“Yeah dude. Legend has it…they all have tattoos of party hats on their tits”

“Luke’s are the best though right”

you can say that again
by cashmoneyjuicebox November 22, 2021
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