When you do something half-assed or carelessly. Not following through to the fullest extent.
"I'm going to beat the brakes off this bitch, we don't go part time here."
by LA918 December 22, 2011
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When you are "friends" with someone you work with or go to school with but do not have contact with that person outside of the office/classroom.
Jim: Dude you're always talking with Ryan in class, do you guys hang out a lot after school?

Sean: Naw man, we're just part-time friends.
by MarvelousOnePak February 26, 2010
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A part-time friend is a person who acts like they want be friends with you when you're there but could give a fuck less about you when you aren't physically there.

In other words, someone who wants to be your friend only when it's convenient for them.
Laura wants to be a friend when we're hanging out but doesn't want to be a friend when we're not. That's called being a part-time friend.
by krissiethefallen April 3, 2015
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Part Time Hooker

A woman who only does prostitution as a part time job.
A guy at the bar said he has sex this part time hooker the "squirts".

Found out the hooker he was talking about was my girl friend.
by $hIti0T July 5, 2014
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A non-exclusive relationship. Can involve people being honest and on the level with each other, or cheating on or lying to others.

It can be a positive relationship where people who don't want to be alone, but aren't wanting or able to be in a full-time/exclusive relationship, can have a friend to do activities with. It can be sex based, or include other activities and sharing. It can be more than just a friends with benefits relationship as well.

It can also be a negative relationship, where one is cheating or leading on a partner and avoiding being exclusive. It can be just about sex, it depends on the individuals involved.
After my divorce, and with kids and work, I don't want a guy around all the time right now, but I would like a part time boyfriend.
by PartTimer September 3, 2011
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someone who is giving a half ass effort, not giving it your all but acting as if you are
"I gave it my best shot, but it just didn't work out."

"No bro, you're workin' part time.
by The mayor of Neckburn February 9, 2010
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Not a full hoe just a hoe on occasions like holidays and Valentine's Day or when she needs something
"Caroline is a part time hoe she only works on weekends to do her nails and pay her rent"
by Just_Another_One June 17, 2016
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