To beat the shit outta someone.

Blake: "Damn dawg you beat the brakes off his ass."
Kevin: "Fo sho I knocked him ass in his snot box. Pussy ass dude shouldn't have been frontin on my peoples like that."
Blake: "We gotta bounce the blue berries and cherries is comin."
by slick73nova4u September 23, 2007
The act of plowing a chick really hard.
Da Money:"Man I would totally Beat the Brakes off that shit!"
by Brandaminator October 5, 2006
have sex with. beat it up, tear it up.

way of threatening to kick someones ass.
man, i would beat the brakes off it!
beat the breaks off that girl.

mother fucker, fuck you, im going to beat the breaks of your ass when i see you!
by H4X0R 3li73 March 11, 2009
To give a vigorous fucking to a member of the female species. In WuTang’s “Monument” feat. Busta Rhymes, Busta raps, “fuck a nigga broad till she tired and real calm” beating the brakes off the pussy is just that.
I can’t wait to go fuck That girl, I’m gonna beat the brakes off the pussy.
by blkzilla79 February 2, 2018
Having sex, fucking or rough sex with a female, generally used when telling another guy you had sexual intercourse with a girl.
Troy: yo seth do you know that hot girl Ashley Seth: man Id beat the brakes off her!!!
Troy: damn bro you gonna fuck her? Whatta guy
by 69aroe June 18, 2020