A nickname for a person who is ass at call of duty across the spectrum. It can be multiplayer or warzone.
This kid is a Parra. Ass to the max!!!
by SnipeKingClutch February 1, 2022
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Shortening for paranoid, used to describe events that were scary or intense. It is mainly used when smoking cannabis but can be used when not. pronounced Pah-Rer
1. "Did you go into college stoned?"

"Yeah mate it was so parra?

2. "Are you going to the shop"

"Fuck that, can't deal with the parra
by bcvip April 30, 2018
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to be extremely drunk and to have lost the ability to move, derived from paralyzed.
mate I was hell parra last night, too many teds!
by brumbies17 December 13, 2009
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a cuban male who is incredibly fucked up in the head.
by guitarguy444 November 10, 2010
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to paint with one's own poop
It was the largest parra piece I had ever seen.
by ihate you September 9, 2003
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This person probably do boxing and hes very agresive, anger issues, and a funny english accent but get his dick suck on da daily but dont ever forget that he pushes 🅿️
Yea Leandro parra a women beater
by itzCharlotte February 14, 2022
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