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Samson is the best person you’ll ever meet. If you ever me a Samson, do not let him go. Samson warms your heart when you see him, and you ate for him when he’s away. When you walk away from Samson you can’t help but thinking that you wish that you could turn back and kiss him. Samson is one of the best people that you will ever me, and that is why I recommend that you always stay alert for Samson. Because he will change your life forever.
Sister: Where is Samson?
Brother: He went to California for a week.
Sister: WHAT!!! But I miss him so much.
by Maddie&Samson March 14, 2019
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An intelligent person who can be very, very shy at times. Usually stubborn, tends to be funny and is always a good friend to have.
Friend 1: Who's that kid?
Friend 2: Oh he definitely looks like a Samson to me
by Haddix March 01, 2011
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Samson is one of the best people you will ever meet. He gives you something to look forward to every week, and he super nice. He likes a girl not for her looks, but for her personality. Personally, he brightens my day every time I see him. I wish I could see Samson every day, but that is only in my dreams. He has changed me completely, and I am so glad I met him. Don’t ever let Samson go because he will change your life forever.
Samson: I was really bummed when you didn’t show up to church the last two months. I thought you were gone.
Madelyn: What, do you like me?
Samson: Yeah.(said while smiling)
by Maddie&Samson March 17, 2019
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A guy who stays in the park after dark to take niggas goodie holes. He is around 6'10" he is black and bald. If you cut off his dick it grows back twice as long. If you are in the park and hear a smacking sound RUN. Samson can bench 1000 pounds and squats around 3,459 and can run at 25 miles and hour. Don't go through the park after dark or he will take that goodie hole.
Samson widened my goodie hole.
by chikachicka September 24, 2009
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