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She is very self conscious although nobody knows why since she is a very gorgeous person just in an extremely unique way. She is the craziest person you will meet, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. She is the life of the party, gets the most fucked up of anyone and everybody loves her no matter what has happened between them, everyone LOVES pardis, seriously no joke. She doesn't think highly of herself at all though and doesn't take compliments easily. She's not that great with boys because of these confidence issues but what she doesn't know is she could probably get a majority of the guys she wants if she would just have faith in herself.

Oh she also is HILARIOUS! Funniest person you will ever meet, everyone will agree with this statement.
Yeah I know bro, I love Pardis, she's always hilarious and just goes crazy.
by Marissasohsocool November 24, 2010
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It is an abbreviation for Paradise is an English word from Persian roots that is generally identified with the Garden of Eden or with Heaven. Originally meaning a walled garden or royal hunting grounds, the term entered Jewish (and eventually Christian) beliefs as a Greek translation for the Garden of Eden in the Septuagint. It is sometimes also identified with the bosom of Abraham, the abode of the righteous dead awaiting Judgment Day. In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus tells a penitent criminal crucified alongside him that they will be together in paradise that day.
The city is like a Pardis.
by Pardis March 13, 2008
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1) An awesome clothing line started in 2009.
2) A shockingly handsome man with a huge heart and great outlook on life.
3) A man who started the clothing line Pardi because his last name is in fact Pardi.
A) Were can I get a Pardi t-shirt?
B) Im going to hang out with Pardi tonight.
C) You know that Pardi clothing line I think Pardi started that.
by J-Town23 August 19, 2011
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A very fat person that you can only compare to a bear.
it's often a girl's name and she usually likes not so cute babies and she likes to get pity from her friends
Wow look at how fat she is, i'm sure she is a 'Pardis'
by OrDuck August 17, 2018
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