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pronounced 'kay-lay', its pretty much a scottish folk dancing party where every one joins in in a kind of orchestrated dance and has muchos fun!
the expresssion 'to get ceilidh'(kayleyed) meaning to get very drunk could possibly come from all the drunken frivolity that takes place in these mad scottish parties of the same name.

och aye jimmy...see yoo at the cielidh on saturday.
man that party was bangin..i got totally ceilidh!
by viccichick December 12, 2005

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da bomb, wicked, dont get much better than shit hot
that is one shit hot motor
by viccichick June 28, 2005

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the older, more polite persons word for 'fart'
roger:oh i say, what is that smell?
jane:why pardon me roger, i do believe ive just done a pardy!
by viccichick July 02, 2005

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