Another term for money used by the Ibis Tribe
"I need to get that Parchment"
by thahib September 21, 2009
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The state of mind one enters after a prolonged period of alcohol abstinence.
"I hear our great friend Chowny is going parchmental out there. They tell me the poor bloke has not laid eyes on a schooner for over 9 days!"
by Albert Dickfos April 21, 2019
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Endless Suffering for anybody who takes the class. People named Finn are unable to pass this class
Person 1: Dude i have Parchment class
Person 2: Good thing your name isn't Finn
by Not a Finn December 30, 2020
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What we called "Rock, Paper, Scissors" back in the good ol' days.
The best way to settle a difference over a chair is a good old fashioned game of Quartz, Parchment, Shears.
by MordoAndRigs May 20, 2012
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The correct and significantly less lame term for the paper used in scrapbooks
"Yeah man that's some might hella scrapbook parchment you got there. Where'd ya get it?"
by katchanmeow March 08, 2014
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