1. To act out in a very over the top way.

2. A truly mad old English tradition still performed today of rampant cross dressing and Carry On style humour performed on stage primarily for kids.

Extremely popular at Christmas and always traditionally contains the phrase 'It's behind you!' no matter what the production. Also the place where z-list celebs earn their keep.

Completely hatstand! All Americans should catch one when in Blighty, as it will pop their heads!
1. God this is getting to be a right pantomime.

2. I wonder which long forgotten reality TV show 'celebrity' will be the pantomime dame in our production of Cinderella?
by ..WiL May 24, 2005
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Usually involves a bunch of flamboiant so called "actors" who stage classic fairy tales with annoying over acting and bad scrpting. Usually made for kids who enjoy silly humor ''hes behind you!''. Usually involves the main charecters such as the dame, an exagerrated female character played by a homosexual man who likes to dress in womens clothes; and the principal boy, usually the title character, played by a lesbien woman (why with all the cross dressing?!?)
by bigcoca7up December 16, 2009
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A British form of comic theatre for a family audience. Typically features a number of stock characters, such as the dame, an exagerrated female character played by a man in drag; and the principal boy, usually the title character, played by a woman.

Pantomimes, also known as pantos, are usually based on classic fairy tales or children's stories, such as Snow White, Cinderella, Dick Whittington and Jack and the Beanstalk.

The audience is expected to get involved, by shouting "He's behind you", "Oh, no it isn't", "Oh, yes it is", etc, or booing and hissing the main villian.
Did you know Ian McKellen is staring in a pantomime this year?
by Bronzefinger September 23, 2006
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Pantomime pan-toe-myme.

The sexual act of covering a recipient's entire facial region with human ejaculate, so much so that the face resembles that of the commonplace thespian 'pantomime' actor.

After being pantomimed, one often explore the action of pantomiming themselves with the limb searching of invisible objects (such as, but not limited to, glass cases of emotion, walls, ladders, etc.).
I watched a porno where that kid got totally pantomimed.

I want to pantomime the shit out of Megan Fox.

I was looking up at him eagerly... and then he pantomimed me.

My girlfriend is a slut... she totally wants me to pantomime her.
by Pantomoneous February 03, 2010
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a wicked good song by the rock group Incubus, which poetically speaks of fantasies and showing emotion with gestures! yay!
"in my fantasy/you look good intwined/in my hair and skin and spit and sweat and spilled red wine"
by me June 16, 2004
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An awesome song from Orgy from their Candyass album!
"Recalling memories
Of charm school pantomime turned so bad"

"This feels like a real life fantasy
It feels like you"
by Orgy fan February 24, 2008
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